…Having been very successful in traditional therapy to address the effects of abuse as a child, there were some lingering issues that I was having trouble conquering. I realized the lingering issues needed to be addressed on a subconscious level, so I decided to try hypnotherapy. The results have been nothing less than amazing! That being said, trusting your subconscious to just anyone isn’t easy. I cannot say enough good about Marcia. She is first and foremost trustworthy. She is also extremely skilled and professional with a genuine desire to heal. I would highly recommend her.

S.R., Pacific Grove


…Marcia created a quiet and peaceful environment so that you can calm down from life’s everyday worries. I was skeptical at first, but hypnotherapy for weight loss was a success. Slowly but surely, I saw results. I would look forward to each session with anticipation and came out calm, reassured and determined to overcome my struggles. Thank you Marcia!

L.C., Marina


…I’ve smoked since age 12. Twenty-five years later, I had tried patches, pills, cold turkey, nothing seemed to work for me longer than 3 months. Hypnosis was my final option. I was ready for a life change of health. I’ve been a non-smoker for a year and a half and won’t ever smoke again. I’m glad I tried it.

Bridget B., Salinas, CA


…I have complete faith in Marcia’s abilities as a skilled hypnotist. When I began this journey of weight loss I wore a size 16 and now I’m happily wearing a size 8 or 9. Through positive reinforcements and correlating workouts with positive thoughts, I have lost over 35 lbs. I’m a more confident woman now and I owe it all to Marcia.

Patricia Gutierrez, Salinas, CA


…I came to Hypnosis For Conscious Health to work on controlling my stress. After my sessions, I felt calm, relaxed, recharged and good about myself. These sessions have tremendously impacted my life both personally and professionally. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.



…When I am overly stressed, I tend to overdue the sweets, which only adds to the problem. For me all it took was one session with Marcia and I had no desire whatsoever for sweets. This lasted for months. Later, I returned for a tune-up and am sweets free once again, and much happier. All you need for hypnosis to work for you is an open mind, a desire to change, and Marcia! It may take a few visits, and even if it does, you will be very glad you give yourself the gift of freedom from whatever was troubling you.

Gail M., CA


Marcia created a safe and comfortable environment for me to completely relax and become confident in the ability to assist in my smoking cessation. I’m very grateful and respectful of her professional skills.

C.G., Carmel, CA


…Marcia’s got it! Given a wide spectrum of choices for personal and professional development, I chose Hypnosis For Conscious Health because Marcia’s approach and style is effective. It is evident Marcia believes in YOU and knows how to get results.

As a Vanderbilt graduate, inventor, and captain in the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, I used hypnotherapy sessions with Marcia to improve my capacity for leadership in many areas. The results are memorable, positive, and quantifiable.

If you are seeking real change, you must stop resisting conduct which is necessary for change you must become aware of your positive wants and learn how to manage your negative wants. Hypnotherapy For Conscious Health heightens your awareness and puts your positive wants in the driver’s seat.

D.W. Von Kleckner, San Francisco & Carmel, CA


…In addition to being a skilled hypnotist. Marcia Speier has a great deal of psychological insight. I had long be affected by age-related erectile dysfunction, but through her powerful hypnotherapy the problem has been overcome; the years have been rolled back in my sexuality.

John K., Monterey, CA


…Many years ago I was asked by a friend to accompany her to her hypnosis session to help her quit smoking. While driving to Marcia’s, my friend asked me if I had ever considered not smoking. I told her that I enjoyed every puff I took and would never consider taking that step. Although it is not customary to allow an observer, Marcia agreed to let me sit there while she hypnotized my friend. I really did not believe hypnosis would work for my friend, but prayed during part of the session that I would not stop smoking as I thoroughly enjoyed smoking. I left that one session with my cigarettes in my purse, went home and never again touched another cigarette. I had just purchased a carton of cigarettes prior to that session and I kept them with me at home knowing that I would soon pick that cigarette. It never happened! I now pray and thank god for my friend, and I thank Marcia Speier, for without the two of them I would still be a menace to everyone’s health. Thank you Marcia.

Marie Ojeda, Salinas, CA


…Marcia, THANK YOU! Our hypnosis by phone sessions are working wonderfully, definitely one your better ideas. Our hypnosis sessions helped me tremendously (mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally). Would I have made the drive, approximately 3 hours to Monterey, to have a hypnosis session with her? Yes! I had consulted several local Hypnotherapists. Like Marcia, all were professional and I’m sure most were good. Marcia’s soothing and comforting voice and manner put me right at ease. I can only assume that when you are going under hypnosis those qualities in a hypnotherapist would be important. How would the Hypnosis sessions work if you weren’t relaxed and comfortable?

I have been contemplating the idea of hypnosis for years. The myths surrounding hypnosis, old standard fears of trust, control, or lack of it, while under hypnosis kept me away. Ironically it was the lack of trust and control in my own life, that kept me from the life I truly desired and deserved. Thanks to Marcia, both are back in my life.

I am a very private person, only a select few knew I was considering hypnosis. Now everyone is going to know that in my opinion, Hypnosis for Conscious Health was and will continue to be the means that brought me to my ultimate personal well being!

People are complimenting me. Some are saying, “The Old Lori is Back.” Others, “A new and improved Lori is emerging.” Either way, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Looking forward to future sessions.

Lori Brown, Kingsburg, CA


…I was very impressed and comfortable with Marcia from our first session through the series. Even though I wasn’t sure what to expect I was always comfortable and felt secure. I started seeing and feeling results from our first conversation (over the phone) and felt empowered immediately. With Marcia’s suggestions  I was able to conquer a bad eating habit I’d been struggling with for years. The negative eating habits were reversed as positive actions were suggested. I feel better, stronger, healthier and in more control than I’ve felt in years.

I highly recommend Marcia to anyone who’s ready to overcome their mental blocks.

P.S., CA

(A follow up note from P.S. stated that she lost 5 inches from her waist and was fitting into all sorts of clothes that she was ready to give to Goodwill.)


…At 50 years I found my life was just beginning! After 20+ years in the medical profession I decided to switch careers and enroll in massage school. I always did well with tests but after being out of school for so long my fears of testing and performance anxiety were intense and all but crippling. Marcia’s guidance through hypnotherapy saved the day! Her coaching was superb. What I appreciated most was how she listened during my interview and returned it to me during our sessions in a form that was exactly what I needed to work with. I successfully completed school and one day after graduation I was working on my first client! Within a week I had four more! With Marcia the possibilities are unlimited.

P.J. Shiflett, Pacific Grove, CA


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